Testing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans

Testing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans




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In the world before 9/11, making contingencies for disaster recovery was a conversation stopper. Those who joined corporate DR planning committees were often viewed skeptically as shirkers avoiding "real work", or worse yet, employee's intent on committing career suicide by championing make-work projects. Then the world changed. Forever.

DR and BC planning is now on the front burner of every forward-thinking organization that recognizes the need to keep business processes moving smoothly forward, whether the threat stems from a natural or terrorist disaster, computer hackers or pandemic outbreaks such as SARS or the Ebola virus. Alex Fullick, one of the foremost authorities of DR and BC planning and a pioneer in his own right, brings an easy-to-read, almost conversational style to explaining what organizations must do to test their plans successfully so that an organization can work its way through sudden operational disruptions.

Divided into six logical and sequential sections, Fullick leaves nothing unexamined in this insightful blueprint. He takes the reader through such topics as Technology Component Testing, Business Continuity Plans, Communication Testing, Vendor and Partner Testing and even Pandemic Plan Testing, all to achieve successful results. Test results that allow for Senior Managers to have greater confidence in the BC and DR programs, knowing the plans they've built will work and are continually being challenged and re-tested. He even provides sections such as Provisions and Beverages, in which he underscores the importance of avoiding planning delays and misunderstandings among teams by ensuring that appropriate food and beverages, transportation and accommodations are available, allowing problem solving and test execution to continue uninterrupted. This is not your normal book on testing.

Finally, Fullick concludes with a caveat entitled Post-Test Failure, wherein he cautions organizations that have undergone this self-examination to be ever-vigilant, and suggests ways they might avoid falling into complacency once their planning has been completed. One test doesn't mean you


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